Our Founders

Our Founder Smt.Vimala Shankar was born in 1927 in Shimoga, Karnataka.

She was raised in Bangalore and completed her high schooling in Mahila Seva Samaj. She completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from Maharani’s College and went on to complete her Master’s Degree in English from Dharwar University.

Founder Madam was a driven and compassionate individual right from her younger years and was an achiever not just academically, but also professionally. She realized the value and potential of what a good education and training could do to a young woman, at a very young age. Teaching was in her blood and she started her career as a teacher in Acharya Patashala School. She had a choice to serve society in two different paths either Education or Politics. She made the choice to serve society through education.

Sri.K. Shankar Rao, a simple man from a rural background was our Founder Madam’s strongest and most reliable pillar, without whose backing she could not have achieved what all she dreamt. He was an Arts graduate who went on to equip himself with a Law Degree too. He was the first employee of the Public Sector behemoth HMT and went on to become a Deputy General Manager. He was the man who did all the running around during the infancy days of the Institution. He took an active part in all activities of the Institution and even though he knew almost every single aspect of the Institution, he chose to keep away from the Management officially. He was primarily responsible for the founding of our great Institution. Our respects and thanks to Sri.K. Shankar Rao for having stood by the ideals of our beloved Founder Madam.

Like many visionaries before her, she decided to start off on her own and create her own destiny, thereby directly or indirectly shaping the destinies of thousands of students and by extension citizens of our Country. The result – The birth of Chamarajpet Education Society and the Chamarajpet Girls High School. She started off with 4 students. The Chamarajpet Girls High School remains the flagship institution amongst all the institutions run by the Vimala Shankar Education Society. It remains the only institution that is exclusively for girls.

Over the years, she expanded her vision. “Education is not merely about reading books and passing exams” she used to say. She envisioned a situation where a student would come into the Society as a Toddler and would leave the Society with a Bachelors degree. This vision resulted in the birth of Jnanadeep English Medium School, Chamarajpet Ind PU College, Chamarajpet First Grade College and Chamarajpet Evening PU College. The idea behind this was to provide a consistent, familiar and homely learning environment for any student that enrolls and passes through our Institutions.

The Institutions have witnessed steady growth over the last 60 years and today we boast of a strength of 1500+ students and 75 staff members. Founder Madam’s objective was to provide quality, all-round education to Girl children and the lesser privileged sections of Society. Her objective remains the guiding light and path for all our institutions, even to this day.

She remains the inspiration for many thousands of students and staff members that have been part of or passed through our institutions over the last 60 years.

Although she started the Chamajarpet Education Society, the Managing Committee decided to rename Chamarajpet Education Society as Vimala Shankar Education Society, in 2015, in Honor and as a tribute towards Founder Madam’s immeasurable contributions towards society and the field of Education.