Guru Poornima- Our Salutations To Our Beloved Founder Smt.Vimala Shankar and Sri.K.Shankar Rao

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Smt.Vimala Shankar, our beloved Founder founded the Chamarajpet Girls High School in 1957, with a view to educate the girl child and give her the strength and power to be on her own feet. As time flowed, she founded a Primary School, P.U College, an Evening P.U.College and a Degree College. However as time passed by and the competetion became too much, we struggle to survive now, Covid taking a big toll, difficult times and the deteriorating values of society. However difficult it may be and despite the best efforts of some vested interests to close down our Institutions, we pledge to go forward with our heads held high to provide the best infrastructure to our children, Our heartfelt gratitude to our beloved Founder Smt. Vimala Shankar and sri. K.Shankar Rao