Founder Madam Smt. Vimala Shankar's Birthday- 11.10.2019

Friday, October 11, 2019

My Dearest Mother- Smt. Vimala Shankar A score and seventy two years have flown past since my beloved mother, my dearest Vimmi, Smt. Vimala Shankar came into this world. Born on the 11th of October 1927, she was a true trail blazer, a lady with a vision and so much of compassion and concern for others, she was a lady of rare character. Did not have a single enemy and not a single bad thought about anybody or anything. Always with a smile, a fierce determination to achieve whatever she started to, never compromising on anything, she was an achiever all the time. She always had a word of advice to those in need, always a helping hand to every person who was in need, never mattered to her whether she knew the person or not. She was a mother to all my friends and a pillar of strength to all those who came into her life. Vimmi would have been 92 today, her birthday, 11th October. She has never left me, though not here in blood and flesh, she is always guiding me every moment, safe guarding me against all the adversities that life keeps throwing at me. I am forever indebted to you my dearest Mother, you taught me the basic values in life, someday everyone will realise the enormous contributions that you made to society and the Institution will bear testimony to that sacrifice and your achievements . Inspite of all the odds, I shall strive in my own humble way, to keep on improving our Institution, Vimala Shankar Education Society,. You taught me the values of human life and the importance of having concern for others, which has made me whatever I am today. She had the solid support of the management and a team of selfless staff whose only commitment was educating the students and all round development of the child. Even today, I am fortunate to have the solid backing of our management who have stood by me and supported me to face all the innumerous hardships that life has thrown at me. The Institutions boast of the best infrastructure today. Thank you for everything in life, what a trail blazer you were and still are. My salutations to a great human being, a wonderful mother and a teacher for eternity. Love you Mom, Happy Birthday…