Back to School - JDES

Monday, October 25, 2021

Even a few days off from school for a growing up child is very disappointing. A huge gap and that too under very testing times of a dreaded Virus Covid 19 has taken such a big toll on the minds and also outlook of both parents and the little children. Thanks to the bold decision of the Karnataka Govt and the Department, our Jnana Deep English Primary School opened its doors to our dear children who flocked in droves and were so happy to be back in the classrooms. Thanks to Smt. Chandrakala and the untiring efforts of our Housekeeping staff under Sri. Nanjanna and of course the ever supportive staff of the Primary School, children were happy and the ever anxious parents were quite a relieved lot after seeing the safe and secure arrangements done in the classrooms following the strict SOP laid down by the Govt of Karnataka. The children were welcomed by the staff with chocolates and the happy faces gave us all so much satisfaction to see them all glowing to be back in their classrooms. More than 50% of the children were back to the classrooms. We hope and pray that the parents of those children who did not turn up today will send the children to school. After all, all things good or bad has to end sometime, lets leave the dreadful days behind and look forward to glorious days again. Support us to give the children back their happy school days and recover whatever they have lost these 1 and half years.

God Bless you all children and Good Luck.